We provide specific and continuous advice in everything related to the life of companies, since its establishment with the election of the most convenient legal structure, to general corporate matters such as statutory reforms, changes in capital, conflicts between shareholders, advice and support in processes with the supervisory authority (Superintendence of Companies), among others, up to its liquidation. Our experience allows us to accompany our clients, within a security framework and without hindering the management of their businesses, in the negotiation, structuring and preparation of documentation for the most diverse commercial transactions, including the constitution of legal entities as a result of associations and temporary unions.


Our advice is adapted both to the client needs and to the particularities of each transaction. Our team, composed of lawyers from the relevant legal areas for each case, focuses on practical solutions that maxi- mize value, time and resources while reducing the risks in the purchase, sale and combination of companies and businesses within regulated and unregulated industries.

Our team has experience in complex transactions, due diligence processes, implementation of closing transactions and has effectively represented buyers and sellers, local and international, in investment projects specializing in the acquisition of Ecuadorian companies by foreign corporations. 

We guarantee compliance with applicable corporate, regulatory and competition requirements for each business.


The deep knowledge of the financial sector and the extensive experience of our multidisciplinary team allows us to offer specialized advice in the negotiation and formalization of financing structures such as debtors, creditors, or structuring, as well as in the follow-up and absolution of queries related to financial and banking operations. Our clients include commercial, local and foreign banks, private investment funds, venture capital funds, investment banks, credit institutions such as investors and borrowers, among others. Long-term relationships with our clients demonstrate our commitment, agility of response, ability to understand the innovation of financial products and flexibility to provide a high-quality legal service that adapts to the requirements of each transaction.


We advise on the planning and effective implementation of strategies for risk prevention and management in matters of free competition, unfair competition, restrictive practices of competition and consumer protection, as well as in the forecasting, preparation, initiation, representation and defense in investigations and administrative and judicial procedures. 

Our services include “due diligence” of competence to prevent contingencies by shaping the commercial practices of our clients with the existing legal requirements. 

Our team includes lawyers with legal training in economic and business matters, who with their multidisciplinary approach and experience accompany and represent our clients effectively and aligned with their business objectives.


We advise on the correct evaluation, implementation, and improvement of models of good Corporate Governance that adequately allow the refinement of the roles and relationships between property, management and administration, as well as ensuring compliance with the rules, policies and principles that govern development of the company, meeting the expectations of the different interest groups.

We offer our clients a strategic analysis of the issues that affect their business, and in addition to considering the legal implications, the social and reputational impacts that derive from the institutional and regulatory environment.

We develop models for the identification and management of strategic risks, and we have important experience in managing complex corporate crises.


Our renowned team of negotiating lawyers focuses on resolving disputes in an agile and effective way to minimize the economic impact on our clients’ businesses.

In the face of complex controversies, our long history in national and international litigation and arbitration facilitate our understanding of our clients´ needs and objectives, issuing clear and direct criteria about their expectations, and coordinating the design of the most effective and appropriate strategies for each case, obtaining favorable and controlled results.

Our litigating lawyers, with the highest ethical and professional standards, act as arbitrators and advisors on behalf of arbitral courts and tribunals abroad, working closely with technical experts from various sectors.